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Audience Mapping

Increase your audience 

Proprietary mapping solution that identifies and segments multiple non-linear and non-obvious audiences.


See which segments have a high propensity to engage with your core focus and how to get them to do so.

Brand Monitoring

First mover advantage

Respond to risk and opportunities before they can impact your brand.


The AUi platform monitors for anything that traces back to your brand and provides alerts when attention is advised.

Data Driven Guidance

Know what really works

Audited and unbiased data that provides insight into the strength of engagement and content strategies before and during campaigns.

Know if your content and messaging strategy is working, or understand what will resonate with your target audience.

Sentiment Analysis

How you are actually seen

Unbiased view of audience sentiment towards your brand.

Let the data show you how to adjust messaging or creative to maximize engagement.

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